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Minutes from:
Saratoga Springs, NY
Lake George, NY
Manchester, VT
Arlington, VT

Discover the best of each season

  • Spring

    Watch the area come alive! From roaring streams to the chirps of new life.
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  • Summer

    A seemingly endless list of great activities and sights in any weather and for all types.
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  • Autumn

    Very few places can be as incredible as fall in the foothills of the Adirondacks, from the stunning views to the clean and crisp smell of the fall air.
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  • Winter

    Upstate NY and the surrounding area offer a great variety of winter activities. Not just things to do, but amazing places to see or sit on the porch and awe at a one-of-a-kind winter wonderland.
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Where to go:

A few insights into local attractions:

  • Saratoga Springs, NY
    A short drive to a mini-city steeped in horse racing traditions and fine dining.
  • The Battenkill river
    If it is sitting on it's bank, renting a canoe or tubing down it, fishing for it's world-renouned trout or swimming; the Battenkill river has it all and the beauty to match.
  • Manchester, VT
    Known for shopping outlets and stunning surroundings, Manchester is a great day trip rich in historical and amazing surroundings.
  • Adironcack Mountains
    Known around the world the Adirondacks are a place like no other and packed with adventure and beauty.
  • Albany, NY
    Albany is the capital of New York, and is a great area to explore. Great parks and amazing architecture nestled in

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